The 5 Best Cities For Dating Women On Tinder In Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia is a major holiday and love tourism destination for western men, many of whom are looking for sanctuary from the perils and general malaise of the dating market in their home countries. These men can find success anywhere they go in theory, but five cities in particular are the regional hotspots for when it comes to getting lucky on the Tinder dating application.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

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The capital and second largest city of Vietnam has millions of people and a rapidly expanding segment of the population which uses Tinder and other dating applications.

Hanoi has pleasantly cool winters which can be a welcome respite from sweating all day long as compared to the other southeast Asian metropolis’, and the women in this city are among the most fair-skinned and consistently attractive in the region.

You will find that many of the women on Tinder have studied abroad in countries like the United Kingdom or Australia, and therefore have a good command of the English language (and western customs) that the vast majority of women you meet on the street or in small shops will not possess.

Drawbacks to the city include it’s never-ending motorbike traffic and it’s corresponding noise and pollution factor, but this is compensated by having pleasant and feminine women and among the best value hotel room rates in the world. Twenty U.S. dollars will get a very high quality place that any local woman would be impressed with as your post-date rally point.

You will get LOTS of matches here as a westerner.

Manila, Philippines

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The capital and primary city of the Philippines can be gritty at times and is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, a nearly English fluent population which adores western culture means that there are plenty of women using Tinder in this town.

Filipinos come from a wide variety of ethnic groups, and the residents of the island of Luzon tend to have lighter skin tones and primarily speak the language ‘Tagalog’ when English is not required. If you are western, they will spot you from a mile away and will always address you in English, often calling you “sir” at the beginning and end of every interaction. (So kind!)

The district of Makati is the best place to stay for a combination of safety and proximity to nightlife, but unfortunately this is a relatively expensive area to stay by southeast Asia standards.

There are many other drawbacks to Manila. It is simply not an attractive town and the traffic, poverty, street trash, internet speeds, and crime are among the worst people have witnessed in southeast Asia.

However, the women here are feminine, friendly, and absolutely love foreigners. Being a tall and well dressed western man on Tinder here is the closest equivalent you will get to what it’s like being a WOMAN in just about every other part of the globe.


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Singapore is the ultra-modern and prosperous city-state which lies at the bottom of the Malay peninsula. It is a very cosmopolitan place and English is an official language in the country along with Mandarin and several others.

The country has embraced Tinder and other dating applications with gusto, and it might have something to do with the fact that there is very little else to do here beyond go to shopping malls, the botanical gardens, or super expensive rooftop bars.

This is where it’s your time to shine. The city is full of attractive Chinese Singaporeans, Indian Singaporeans, and even a lot of Filipino guest workers who are all very receptive to dating westerners.

Getting around is incredibly easy, cheap, and convenient with the MRT and you have an endless choice of coffee shops or restaurants to take a date. The problem is accommodation is super expensive in Singapore. Even in a relatively cheap area like Little India, a coffin sized hotel room can be about $80 Singapore dollars.

Like many other cities in southeast Asia, western men will get matches galore if they are well dressed and appear interesting. However, this isn’t the place to be for men who are budget conscious I’m afraid.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is the pulsating capital of Malaysia. Often overlooked by younger travelers because of the high tax placed on alcohol and the relative dearth of tourist sights in the city, men who give the city a bit more time can get some good results on Tinder with a wide variety of women.

The Chinese and Indian communities here are very receptive to dating westerners, and it may come as a surprise to many that there is a fairly substantial Iranian/Persian community here too. All have their fair share of very attractive women of course, and speak English very well.

‘KL’ as it is called for short is safe, modern, and above all very affordable. Hotel rooms here are a fraction of the price of what you will get for the same standard in Singapore.

The chief drawbacks to the city is that you won’t be getting matches left-right-and-center compared to the other towns listed here, and distances can be very large to cover for your dates. Many of them will also scoff at the idea of coming to Changkat (the primary bar district) to get liquored up.

Saigon, Vietnam

saigon vietnam southeast asia

Saigon, also known in modern times as ‘Ho Chi Minh City’ is the largest city in Vietnam and is located a whopping 1750km away from Hanoi if you are traveling via ground transportation.

The city shares the same customs and even many people from Hanoi (domestic migration in Vietnam tends to move south for job opportunities), but there is a very different vibe about the city.

Saigon is a very noisy and chaotic city even by southeast Asia standards, but it’s also very inexpensive to get a decent hotel room here and the local women who use Tinder are very excited about meeting westerners. Again, English language problems should not be an issue because many are from solidly middle class backgrounds or have even spent some time living abroad in a western country.

The city loves to party, so district 1 is probably the place to be for a few drinks followed by private time in a nearby pay-by-the-hour shag pad.

Now go and enjoy your sojourn in southeast Asia! Tinder will be one of your closest companions.

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