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New York City is famous all over the world for it’s cultural offerings and enormous diversity. Women on Tinder strongly reflect these notions of the town.

Your results (and potential success) on the app will vary according to several key criteria, most notably your age and positioning within the metropolitan area.

Young adults aged between 18 and 22 can expect a lot of results to come from university students. If you are located within Manhattan, places like Columbia University and New York University (NYU) are particularly prevalent.

People between 23 and 29 can expect lots of career chasing transplants from all across the United States and even the world at large. Backpackers and other international tourists who are in town for just a few days also form a large part of this age demographic.

The over 30 market in Manhattan can see a whole lot of everything, and this demographic can heavily favor a lot of single men in the city because of the huge supply of career women. New York City can be heaven on Earth if you are rich enough and can corner the 30-something market.

As for some of the other boroughs, Brooklyn also has a wide mix of ethnic groups and cliques, while the Bronx and Queens have huge Hispanic populations. Young hipster types (mostly White) have taken over areas such as Williamsburg in Brooklyn, while the Latin populations in Bronx will also be relatively young and active.

All in all, perhaps the best thing about using Tinder in New York City is that pretty much anybody, nobody what color out of the Crayola Crayon box you most closely represent, are down with going out with just about anyone. That is of course, if you are good looking enough and appear to be at least moderately successful.

That’s all part of accepting life in the Big Apple, one of the most diverse and compelling cities in the entire world. Happy Tindering.

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